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England beating New Zealand just made our chances to win the cup better assuming Gayle backfires and so does the rest of his army of giants! I think India vs. New Zealand would have been the classic title match this year, but England are back in form. Last nights aggressive proved that too! India will need to beat West Indies – which could go either way. West Indies would do best by winning the toss, fielding and getting Kohli confused – knowing he loves to chase clear defined targets and is not creative enough (yet) to make one! Alternatively Gayle should go right after the bowlers after a good defensive over to get his strategy setup if WI want to win. Its a Gayle vs. Kohli match, but knowing India, I bet other players will wake up today and Kohli might not be the man of the match tonight! Let’s see what happens!  May the best team win…(may that be India) !

-Written by Shivam Parikh