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2017 – April 8 19:25 hrs Ahmedabad (AMD) Mumbai (BOM) 9W 605

Class: Premiere/Business
Seat: 1 A

I have been flying Jet Airways for years now and business class / premiere is my favourite option to travel. Sure its expensive – but after a month of hard work or business, who doesn’t want to get some fresh air and some on flight pampering ? So on most of my Jet Airways flights till date I have always had excellent in-air flight services. I just haven’t had the time to write about it. I smile. They smile. Food is great. Service is fine. Well that’s generally how it happens. This time I thought – let me write about it. I spend a lot of time searching about other passenger reviews and have noted some of them really excite readers and sometimes even scare them to change their flights all together. Personally I think it’s all about how you face them and they face you to decide how your flight goes. Sometimes it’s out of your hand – especially if they have had a rough week at work or personal – and then they lose their cool with you. So far, my luck has been great. I have never had a bother except when they need me to bring back my chair to the original position. That’s something I really hate. Neither does it really hurt me (landing with the seat not up right) nor should it hurt them – but rules are rules!

So this flight is one of the six flights I have on my journey to USA and back for my Google Training Program in Atlanta.

The Journey goes – Ahmedabad – Mumbai – Doha – Atlanta (and back) . So 6 flights in a week. I’m travelling Premiere or Business in all of them. Sounds cool ? Well maybe..maybe not ? We will find out ….

The Experience:

Security check:

Well it’s not Jet Airways FAULT but the security check scanned my bag three times . They removed everything and finally asked me what my apple watch stand was ? That was awkward! It seems they scanned and pulled out nearly every alternate bag but this was amusing because I had lots of time. 


Boarding any flight from Ahmedabad is a pain especially when your flying Business or Premiere. The Ahmedabad team for Jet Airways don’t really understand or have given up on boarding Premiere class first. Everyone in Ahmedabad just gets in a long line with a little pushing here and there. Jet Airways staff don’t even announce priority lanes for Premiere or Business class. Seems in a way people just imagine Gujaratis to be uncivilized on Airports!  The case for this flight was exactly the same. Terrible boarding sequence – everyone lining up together. You don’t feel Premiere when it comes to boarding in Ahmedabad. That’s pretty much for any airline.

Rating: 1 out of 5. FAIL

Pre-Take Off

Once you get on your seat and for me, that mean’t 1A – my newly favourite seat. My previous two trips were both 1A on Jet Airways to Mumbai and back, has good space though always on an old plane. For a short hour haul flight which they try to bring down to 45 minutes, the seats don’t matter but the spacious feeling makes you feel your still at home. On my previous two flights business class were almost empty and on one flight I was the only passenger in Premiere, which felt strange yet made me feel powerful at the same time. I didn’t take any advantages though. It was a simple uneventful flight.


Since I’m reviewing this flight I need to put up some of the key features.



In the Air