The word sure is a small place. I sit and wonder
how I meet the treasure of my life. I refer to the
one I love and cherish. I refer to the one that I
need to refer to. As I sit back and think, it comes
to me that everything started with the internet.
Believe it or not, without the internet I’m sure I
would have never met the love of my life. I also
admit that my sister plays an important role, not
for bringing us together but perhaps for being the
connectivity, or the reason that supports the
entire relationship.

Who would imagine that other people I know, are
people that she knows. Who could imagine that I
would know people that she knew. that would
possibly give us more topics to discuss. The
funny thing is that that it’s easier to find out that
there are various connectivity points that you
never imagined being there.

The world has become a global village. Internet,
Communication upgrades and corporate
Companies coming across the seas have helped us
Find new ways to bring us closer to one another.
Technology has seriously played a vital role in
Making things easier. Without a cell phone I
Would find it difficult to call the one I love every
Morning or night and say the simplest words – Jai
Shri Krishna and good Morning or Good night.

Technology has brought us closer, and yet at the
Same time it has its own limitations and
disadvantages. We have lost our creativity or
Cutting paper or sticking flowers around and
making something hand made. However, don’t
Forget that one can always create unique and
Creative things using technology. Typing poems
And songs, or even sending little love letters using
A mobile phone is still counted as something
Romantic and different..

One might say that two lovers living just a house
Away are brought closer using internet, or a cell
Phone or surprisingly just a telephone.
Communicative resources have helped bring
relationships closer and closer. There will be a
day when one can transport over to the other’s
Place with a simple “Beam me up Scotty!”, as
They do in star Trek. This is assuming the
Parent’s have not activated ‘Child Lock’ on the

The Global village that we talk about now, says
That two individuals that seem extremely apart,
With no relation whatsoever – does now have a
Link. For example, the love of my life could be
My friend of one of my other close friends.
Stranger things have happened. One could realize
That his current girl friend happens to be a distant
Cousin. Ooops.

Well, seriously speaking it is true that you can
Most often bring out a topic and realize that you
Have a common understanding or link of it. I
remember that someone I used to have as a friend
in school happened to be her family friend (or
Some distant friend) through and through a few
Connections. The point being, that we had found
One more thing or person in common to talk about.

-Written By Shivam Parikh.