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  1. I go for Ganga Pani,
    From the Yamuna,
    I pray to Hanuman
    Wanna be your super man
    Of your land!Say Jai Shri Krishna,
    I wanna kiss ya,
    Cuz I wanna kiss ya
    Cuz I really miss ya
    Don’t want diss-ya
    I wanna elist ya
    No more fights, no fista ya
    A loving Fiesta
    I really wanna kiss ya
    ’cause I miss ya…
    Wanna feel your bliss ya!
    Oh ya!

    Pray now, close your eyes
    Pray to God, pray to heaven,
    Peace on Earth, no more cries,
    Mumbai Terror, Hope no one dies.
    No more questions
    And no more lies.

    I want to hold you,
    Wrap my arms
    Around your body
    And hold you tight.
    Rub my hands
    On your shoulders
    Kiss your neck, Lick you back
    Get a little closer
    Now wait, I’ll attack.
    Moan my name
    Feel no shame.
    Hold me closer
    Hold me tight
    If you really want to –
    Scratch my back
    As I attack.

    Wanna take you higher,
    Make you fly,
    Hope one day
    You will be mine
    Wanna take you up
    On top of cloud
    Number Nine.
    I know soon
    You won’t resist
    And you will be mine.

    -Written By Shivam Parikh.