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People spend more time online watching video than they do on social media and the average time spent watching video has increased more than 4x from 31 minutes to almost two hours in just the last five years alone!
If you’re a business looking to reach new customers, you need to advertise where your potential new customers spend their time and devote their attention. For the case of most users in India – that mean’s Facebook!
Now that doesn’t mean that you should just be posting any sort of nonsense, but you should spend time understanding, learning, planning and implementing it.
We have been meeting a lot of people this year who keep worrying whether their animated campaigns will work and even more so whether its cost effective.
At Brand You, we have been able to bring down the prices of animation videos with our unique scripting ways and thoughts to ensure that an animated video doesn’t cost as much as you would perhaps be worried to think! In fact, unlike other companies who sell their services at a very high price, we have taken the initiative of creating a price war by dropping prices and charging for the creativity aspect alone.
Yes, obviously the process is long, detailed and difficult but when you have a team of experts at your side, who love drinking coffee, staying up late at night and best of all – don’t want to stop doing what they are passionate about till they sleep, you know you have it all!
So the next time you want to show someone a PPT, don’t do it. Instead call someone from the Brand You team, book an appointment with us and let’s do something creative for a change. Let’s make an animated video that people will watch re-runs of and love sharing. Let’s make the magic!
-Written by Shivam Parikh