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A system is a connective modulated system
which has a proper flow. It has restrictions that
prevent penetration outside the existing
framework. A system which can be penetrated is
a broken system. Hundreds of thousands of
thoughts and process’s have built this system that
we talk about. There are times when these
systems are hammered by individual units trying
to break free. However, the system in place, with
its firewall or security systems prevent the breakage.

The system could be good or bad, but the fact is
that it does limit you. How much you need or
want to be limited depends on various factors.
One of the factors that deems worth mentioning
is who much you love or don’t love a person or
How much you feel that you want to do to express
your feelings and emotions. One might feel that
the friends not offering support to a relationship
could be called a disease, but I would consider it
more of a system as well. The system that limits
“support” becomes a non-supportive system.
These are systems that you need to convert, by
changing units. If you can convince a non
believer that you are good, the question of doubt
is erased. On erasing many doubts you begin to
transform the system into your own added
advantage. Who knows you might end up
controlling the system altogether.

Creating a system requires you to break or bypass
an existing system. In order to beat the system,
you need to know its fundamentals and it’s weak
spots. The best proven method to break a system
or beat it is to find out a hidden tunnel or a cheat
code. Most system’s are designed to prevent mis-
use or penetration to sub systems. However, it is
a fact that sometimes by creating your own little
system inside a mega-system and then making
people aware of it – is in own way beating the

In a relationship, there are times when I feel the
system that I mention is the restrictive
environment that I do set up at times. This is a
system that I want to break myself, but there are
thoughts that make me create a system. I want to
keep my loved ones in the confinements I create.
I don’t want them to talk to others or outsiders. I
feel insecure at times when they do, knowing
well indeed that I shouldn’t think that way.
However I feel these are some system of my
own that are indeed good in their own way and to
their own extent. However, there are times when
the system I am put in is difficult. A guy trying to
hit on my girl is an example. Or someone who I
don’t like or feel is not good for a family
members, tries to get involved or into our little
home. Those are “system Lords” that need to get
their butt kicked.

A system where you are limited to the rules and
permission – access restrictions, is a system that
either makes you a slave or a nobody. If everyone
works under a system you will see ultimate
progress for a system or it’s creators but nothing
for the units performing under or in it. Humanity
is based on rational being. They say that man is
a rational being. They talk as if man is unique
and special life then how come the system doesn’t
give us the ability to perform the skills we want
to. Understanding that there are ethical and legal
policies that make a system, if the work or ability
we have inside us is correct, why does the system
offer resistance to a positive impact?

In relationships, there are many systems and rules
that take us over. Bring your date back on time,
or talk to her before this time. In love and
relationships, the test of courage is important.
There is a system that runs you through many
tests – the test of compassion, lust, love, trust
and pain. Beating the system primarily means
you need to get ahead and prove that you are
much better than that the odds against you.

I realize the system that I live in am not perfect.
But it is. The system could also be something that
I don’t create but something I live in. A lover’s
old past – that tries to create issues for us, or at
the system that tries to create issue for us, or at
the same time indentifies us as a virus of Trojan.
The system tries to restrict my movement by
adding special blockades. But I know that beating
such a system is important. the only way I can
get away from the

To be a successful man you need to be
disciplined I agree with the “discipline” part but
not the “disciplined” part. Note that the little “d”
creates havoc. Additions to the system or even
the tiniest changes – a single letter can cripple the
units under it. We live in a word where everyone
seems to want to be the best, and by being so
they don’t want others to get ahead.

you can want what you want, but is it right to use
a system or your own workings to prevent others
from moving ahead. I call that rubbish, and sadly
enough that we live in. Is it better to work 1 hour
a day and perform the worth of 8 hours a day, or
work 8 hours a day, getting a pay for 1 hour of
actual productivity.

Beating the System is about, identifying and
discovering multiple systems that we live in or
are controlled by. Many of them are exploitable
and should be exploited – keeping in mind they
should be legal. Beating the system doesn’t talk
about hurting others, but proving yourself to others
who have put you on the side and have neglected
your worth in life. Beating the system looks into
various focuses of life – whether it be an
individual, collective, organization, industry or a
full country at large. Wherever you talk about a
relationship the system that limits your love
comes into play.

The idea behind this is to motivate people who
are stuck in a loop of failed love or confusion –
where they can’t perform their best abilities or
show their talents due to lack of a supportive
system. The books motivates you to excel at
whatever you do best – and to let the system
Lords, or the Guards who prevent this – realize
they made a mistake and should have let you do
what you do best – for the ultimate satisfaction of
globe. Beating the System represents the
Freedom of though and expression and the
satisfaction of doing what you want to do – to
achieve a better you and a better world.

-Written By Shivam Parikh.

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