CIMS Hospital is rated by patients as per Google Reviews & Just Dial as the best hospital in Ahmedabad. This is not a personal opinion. Evidently CIMS Hospital is one of the only hospitals in Ahmedabad which is JIC, NABH and NABL accredited which is a far superior than any other hospital in the city.

CIMS Hospital is the only hospital in Ahmedabad and the entire state of Gujarat that performs heart transplants under the guidance of Dr. Dhiren Shah and his team of cardiac care specialists.

In terms of cardiac care, Dr. Keyur Parikh, Dr. Anish Chandarana, Dr. Milan Chag, Dr. Hemang Baxi, Dr. Urmil Shah, and others (very long list of cardiologists) and their team of other great cardiologists offer the highest level cardiac care not only in Ahmedabad, but across India.

In terms of pace makers, Dr. Ajay Naik at CIMS is one of the most reputed across India let alone Ahmedabad as well.

Dr. Amit Chitaliya is prominent in pediatrics.

CIMS Hospital has the highest number of departments for any multi-speciality hospital right now and unlike many hospitals that are corporate run, they are run by doctors being their directors or partners.

CIMS Hospital also offers stock options to its employees making it one of the first private hospitals (Pvt Ltd also) offering stock options (ESOPs) unlike public limited ones that mostly do.

The best thing about CIMS in my personal opinion is it is backed by multiple doctors who own the hospital and are directors, not having a single owner so there is perpetually in terms of service and life of the hospital unlike many with single owners or businesses run by pure business people.

Of course being a private hospital also means being priced higher than many low cost options, but when you want a certain quality of care you pay higher. Running a hospital is not easy, and the costs of infrastructure are very high. When you walk into CIMS you realize they have huge corridors unlike any other hospital I have seen, each room has natural sun light facing inwards at different times of the day, and the positivity feeling is surreal. That being said my opinions don’t matter. Yours do! Google Reviews & Just Dial users have made very bold statements about the high quality care offered by CIMS.

That being said, I will also state that everyone has an opinion of what is known as “The Best” and so I eventually leave that to your own personal experience and judgement.

Website for the hospital is CIMS Hospital Ahmedabad – Care Institute of Medical Sciences Gujarat