by shivam parikh
I have always believed IDFC is a good company with a lot of money and excess cash to use in case of expansion or emergency. I believe with it’s cash alone this a good company to hold. With its plan to convert to being a Bank with its already approved bank license – I believe the company stands as a great investment at this price. Anything under Rs. 200 at this point seems like a great buy. Over on our company News Portal I have been recommending buys for the last few months without a single sell call. I strongly believe and recommend buying and accumulating IDFC for the five year long run and see the stock price reaching around Rs. 400-500 over the course of time. ¬†Assuming that things don’t change and management continue to run ethically, this seems like a great stock to hold and be an owner of. IDFC is at Rs. 132 today and I would recommend buying and accumulating at any price under Rs. 200 this month.

Disclaimer: I do hold IDFC in my portfolio.

-Written by Shivam Parikh