ICC Revenue would halve! They would have to cut down teams. They would have to spend more than the new average to promote the game. BCCI could create its own ICC using an IPL model that goes global and picks up other countries – I am sure many countries from Africa and Asia wold jump at the possibility of a BCCI driven ICC version. It would take a very strong team of ex chairmans of BCCI to pull this off or very young smart visionaries but this would be doable. Many countries would even consider looking at India as the place to consider tie ups. West Indies for example would evaluate BCCI driven World Cricket over ICC, and so would Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe (since they got nulled by ICC anyways). Similarly you could see emerging Asian and African (and oldies like Kenya) reviving under India. You could also see USA cricket connect as well. ICC has done nothing substantial for many of the emerging countries for decades. India’s wealth could create a larger pool of teams under one roof. And if anyone wants to talk about BCCI being corrupt, ICC is nothing less if you ask me!

If BCCI quit , it would most likely start its up own system based on Asian countries and African ones (minus Pakistan for political reasons). ICC would have to immediately look at giving full status of European countries. Australia & NZ would remain part of ICC since Australia dominates ICC with England anyhow. It would kind of be two sets of cricket – ICC and BCCI run – ICC would have Australia / Oceania and Europe whereas BCCI would have most of Asia and Africa. Pakistan would most likely be stuck with ICC even if they didn’t want to be there due to due political tensions with India. BCCI can create plenty of wealth for the game with Asian partners. USA could be absorbed into either but I would recokken it would look for larger money share and come to BCCI.

Since Indias population and fans for cricket is large, and so is it for other Asian full time playing countries, you would get really good piles of money flowing in. The only worry is that Indians are slow on technology adoption and infrastructure development but the surplus cash flows coming in via media licensing and broadcasters and control on setting its prices (think of telecom spectrum) means big money could be made!

That being said, Sourav Ganguly though brilliant in his way is not enough to make or set things in motion and a very strong move would be needed. The fact that Amit Shah’s son is on the board of BCCI allows political influence and even better access to Ministry of Sports funding and dealing better. If any time was the right time to quit (not saying they should, mind you) it would be this time!