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RFID is generally used in hospitals to see where patients are. But it isnt good enough because the tags or cards can be switched. Thus a problem.The idea – is great, but wont make sense. I can give my card to my friend. So you think you are there. Go out and bunk
and come back. and you still think I was there

So won’t really serve you a purpose.

Primary school education places might work. High school wont.

Kids these days are too smart.

You can pass all my comments above to Fr. Durai in case he’s planning because he should not. He will waste time doing something entirely useless.

As mentioned before me and my team are ready to show you the demo of the changes or forms you asked us to do so far.

Let us know when you would like us to come and show you all it.

Finger print sensors are the best deal if any – you cant forge a fingerpint. Teachers doing a roll call are the next best thing – traditional approach has never failed till date.

Think about it !