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There is never a special way to end a story.

People use the line – Happily Ever After. The

fact might be that the ending is happy however

the ending is far from now. There is a lot that

makes, breaks, shifts and moulds a relationship.

There are various factors or variables that

influences changes in a relationship. None of these

are really visible. They can’t be felt but they can

be experienced indirectly in a sense of some life –

force that gives you a purpose or a direction. I

have never ever felt so special the way I have

now. I realize that it was destiny I created that

makes me feel this way. I also know there is a

higher power at work aiding me. I’m lucky and

feel special being a part of what I have around

me. I see it as a special relationship. It’s a special

friendship. It is a special kind of love.

Emotions are something that need to be

released. You can not hold it and try to keep it

within. They need to be released. Sometimes you

know you might end up losing a love or breaking

trust or even sacrificing your position by doing

so. However, the long term  benefits outweigh the

short term effects. It is important to remember

that if the past is blocking you from the future,

you need to remove or overcome it. Keeping

yourself in a mix of both time and place will only

affect your better judgment. When you love

someone you also love yourself. when you talk

about love and emotions, you also realize there

comes great responsibility. you realize that you

need to be there for the good and the bad. One

can not say that he is limited to love, or can do

things to a certain limit.

There is a belief inside me that suggests that one

might lust for someone. There is nothing wrong

with that as long as the lust is converted in to

love. It is hard explaining what makes

understand it if one experiences it. Love and

friendship however have a different note of

separation. I would sacrifice my love to remain a

friend but at the same time would put love ahead

of friendship if the chance arose.

Making mistakes is something that happens in

life. But understanding and overcoming them is

important. In a relationship it is important to be

ready to take a break when you need one and

look at oneself in the mirror. It is not important to

change, It is more important to realize why you

need to change or rather if you need to. Don’t

change just because people tell you. You need to

realize it first.

When it comes to commitment – if you feel the

one you love is the right one, go for it. Don’t let

things delay and at the same time don’t push for

it. Those are things I have learned and I feel that

are worth others thinking about. To me family

isn’t just your blood relatives but it also includes

your soul mates or your closest friends that you

trust and confide in. They are those who also

confide and maintain your trust.

Let me end this book with a few words from a

dear friend of mine.


     “Loss of loved ones makes me shiver….&

       parents and family make me want to live


-Written By Shivam Parikh.