I realize
That you are the one
That drives me further
The ome that makes me complete
You are the one that makes me feel alive
When I look away.
All I see is you everywhere…
When I try to hide
All see is you everywhere

When I stay alive,
When I wanna never wanna come back
When I try to close my eyes
When I try to run away…
All I see is you everywhere

How can u be here, be there
How can you be right here waiting?
Searching for the ways to say.
You’re right here waiting.
You refuse to give up.
All I have to say ..is thanks for waiting..
When I’m sad, sorry or crying..
When I need a comforting hand…
When all is seemed to be lost.
And I close my eyes and run.
All I see is you everywhere!

-Written By Shivam Parikh.