#Flipkart is a complete #cheat with its buy back program. You might get a few thousand more than reglobe.in in the exchange but sometimes you get as much as Rs. 4,000 less in the same exchange.

Go and put the same model for a buy back (Eg. #Microsoft Lumia 950 XL) when you want to buy a new #iphone vs. a new google pixel – the buy back value is different and not by just 10-20% but almost double! Incredible and most people would never realize it !

#Flipkart promises a perfect buy back but most users get cheated every day! You get for example a buy back price of 11,000+ Rs if you bought a #GooglePixel, but only a Rs. 5300 Rs if you bought an iPhone and tried to get your old handset (Lumia XL) bought back!

So why the difference ? Flipkart fails to mention nor does customer care! Flipkart initially said the price difference comes from the seller – but that can’t be true as the seller for both is the same!

Buy an iPhone – Get just Rs. 5300 back on your old Lumia 950 XL
Buy a Google Pixel- Get Rs. 11,000+ back on your old Lumia 950 XL!

Posted by Shivam Parikh