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I think you have it spot on Kashish . The problem is that people don’t even know what Islam is all about, forget ISIS. For the majority of the people in the United States, emotions have gone further than being rational and thinking straight. And then you have a presidential candidate who also doesn’t understand much or wants to make extremist comments like ban everyone from America (or worse throw them out). I think the problem is typical – people don’t want to understand because they are too emotional. I think though, they will understand over the course of the next 5 to 10 years so don’t give up on hope! Fox News and any other broadcasting company are after TRPs and have forgotten what they were made for. That’s something that is not just a problem in USA but in India too. TRPs are more important than anything and so to suddenly make a big deal of things and hype something they are doing that. Once the elections are over in the USA the topic will change though.

Shivam Parikh




Fox News does not understand that ISIS is not Islamic, they claim that Islam extremism is Islam. Fox, do you know that 1.3 billion (not million) are Muslims? Do you really believe all 1.3 billion of us are terrorists? Do you think you really could eradicate 1.3 billion people and counting (Islam has the highest conversion rate)? It honestly makes me want to cry that half of America believes that what I believe is radical, that what I believe is terrorism, that Muslims will always be the enemy. Well you know what I say to that: May peace be upon you and I pray that Allah gives you strength, wisdom, hope, and love. Allahuakbar. ❤️ #NotmyIslam #NotinMyName #Bringit #LoveWillWin