Funny enough we started avoiding fireworks to save on pollution a few years ago and had my three month old baby sitting with me and watching us complete a puja last evening for Dhanteras! Today we will be spending some great family time and tomorrow we are taking her out for brunch – the whole family. New Year will include dinner together. Magically, this is the first time she will be going outside besides her doctor checkups and will be participating in celebrations though she probably won’t remember it. I guess lots of photographs and videos will be taken so that these first time memories for her can be enjoyed at a later time.The first Diwali for my daughter and the first for me with her involved in some exciting way ! And unique for me as she’s our first child too! I think this Diwali is dedicated to my three month old daughter  who celebrates her first Diwali on this planet with us and as a proud father  I’m exceptionally over joyed that she gets to see celebrations happening around her (even if she doesn’t understand them yet)  Her mother will be creating a Rangoli at home (as I type) and she will look at those colors and stare at them with wide eyes! Something new to look at! Hearing the sound of neighbors using fire crackers – hearing those sounds for the first time as me and my wife tell her what’s going on, even if she doesn’t understand anything yet – all of these are special moments for us! Looking outside the window watching things happening in the sky, the candles kept outside our driving lot, and all those new baby clothes and toys she gets – It truly will be a Diwali to remember not just for her but all of us! Proud to be a father ! Excited for a memorable Diwali and a New Year ahead! with Rhea Parikh Khushali Parikh Reeta ParikhKeyur Parikh Surbala Parikh -while missing – Apurva Patel Roosha Parikh Patel Parth Parikh Aditi Patel Parikh Rashmi Parikh Ketan Parikh Priti ParikhSarjana Parikh


Posted by Shivam Parikh