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If I could change the world,
I would.
I would make you closer to me.
If I could have a thousand wishes,
I could.
I could make you come to me.
If I had a horse to keep,
I had.
I had to make you ride with me.
If I could create it
I would, I could, I should..
Create this world for you and me!

I wanna grow old,
With you.
I wanna see the stars
I wanna see the stars
I wanna make love
Inside You.
I wanna make every-thing
About you.
I’d bring that ring
Wish you could see the things
I see.

Wanna see our kids.,
Running together,
Bringing us smiles,
Laughter and Cries,
The feelings I have
Nobody knows better
I wish I could tell you
The dreams you could have with me.

It’s the future I see
It’s the luck that I need
The destiny coming closer,
With paths to choose
What roads to take,
I don’t wanna make a mistake.

I pray for gift,
That gift is you.
I pray for the sunrise,
Cuz I wanna meet you
I pray there is night,
Talking to you.
I wanna say goodnight
and Jai Shri Krishna Too.

-Written By Shivam Parikh.