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I wanna Be

I wanna be your star
I wanna be close, not far
I wanna be your knight,
I wanna be your light
Wanna be your superman.
Wanna be your superman.
I wanna be your star
I wanna be your race car
I wanna be your Prince
I wanna be your love, no flinch,
I wanna be your hero
Removing all the zeros
I wanna be your friend
I have all these romantic cards to send
I will never bend,
Your protector, the guardian to your sacred land.
I wanna be the one you miss
I wanna be the only one you kiss
I wanna be the clown, the joker..
I wanna be the only one
I wanna see you have our son.
I wanna lie right next to you
I wanna propose, hear you say I do!
I wanna ..wanna wanna…wanna wanna
Wanna hear you say I love you
Wanna hear you whisper and kiss
Your my lunch, dinner..menu
I wanna shop with you
I wanna ride with you
I wanna do this, do that
If I’m a dog you’re my cat
Gonna chase you…love you
Scare you ..but love you
I wanna be the one u trust
The one you lust
The one you wanna take it to the next level
I wanna be your daredevil!
I ain’t gonna run.
I’m not playin’ no fun…
I’m here from sun to moon
East to west
In your arms …You lay
Your body close to mine, we sway.
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna spend my life..
I wanna u to be my life…
Truly madly deeply
I wanna live with nobody but you.

-Written By Shivam Parikh.