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I WISH Tamil Nadu’s chief minister all well and hope she gets through her difficult time and recovers to help her state advance ahead.

Everything stated here leads one to “think” that she’s on ventilator support. Note the words used by TOI, other media sources and Apollo Hospital makes you “start thinking” on somethings fishy happening to the chief minister. Also recently some photo or video went viral that was completely fake but leads to more imagination and it’s not happy – it’s scary! Adding all of this together and the lack of information offered by the Govt. due to various reasons (mostly political pressure and worries that another party will cause problems) one starts speculating and guessing and sadly it’s taking the toll on me too being one of those “question asking and answer seeking” people!

As per the reports by various leading media outlets information and sentences coming out include:

(1) On Monday, the hospital said she was on respiratory support and was being treated with antibiotics for infection.

(2) …continues to remain on respiratory support….

(3) On Monday, the hospital said she was on respiratory support and was being treated with antibiotics for infection.

(4) A team of doctors, including experts from the All India Institute of Medical Science+ , New Delhi, and international specialist Dr Richard John Beale from the London Bridge Hospital, UK, along with a panel of doctors consisting intensivists, cardiologists, respiratory physicians, infectious disease specialists and diabetologists at the hospital, drew up a detailed medical management plan keeping in view of her diabetes and winter bronchitis in inclement weather.

The last time I checked, these are the doctors you bring into line when one is either in a 1) Coma (perhaps doubtful as no mention of a neurologist or any doctor who is looking after brain movement here) , or 2) on ventilator or similar respiratory support device (more probable) ….

Once again this is just my “non-medical based opinion or guess”……

If true – the biggest problem here is the longer you stay on the ventilator, the harder it becomes to get out of it (though not at all impossible). However things begin to get difficult. Doctors are required to ensure various parts of the body are moving and “passive rehab” is required to ensure things don’t get worse, etc. While on medication, and “respiratory support”, a check on diabetes is also important and so is the heart. During respiratory support, a lot of other infections are possible so it is advised that people do not get near the patient, which also explains why no one has been able to state or say they have had more than 10 minutes near her or with her.

I hope I’m absolutely wrong and she’s okay but my “spider senses” are tingling and telling me there’s something big happening and we will know before the end of this month what’s going on and it might be bigger than we can all handle!

Visits, and prayers and all – this is becoming a worry!

I wish the RTI was so simple to get information but it seems it’s not and so rumours, gossip, imagination, etc is bound to be happening.

From the last source: Right to Information Act (RTI), 2005 also seems to stand by the right to privacy. It exempts from disclosure: any information which relates to personal information that has no relationship to any public activity or interest, or which would cause unwarranted invasion of the privacy of the individual unless the Central Public Information Officer or the State Public Information Officer or the appellate authority, as the case may be, is satisfied that the larger public interest justifies the disclosure of such information.

So perhaps we should not get to know what’s happening but that will lead to more speculations and guessing. How about just sharing what’s happening and how we can help or support in some way or another. Stop the guessing, give an answer and let the nation come together to pray perhaps ?

Again, I WISH her a recovery soon and hope she gets through it!


Jayalalithaa requires longer stay in hospital, Apollo Hospitals says

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