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Affordable patient is becoming more important day by day. In India, most patients are cashless with lack of health insurance available. It is easy to estimate that in the next decade, if patients continue to not have insurance they will have a hard time paying healthcare bills. Therefore it is important that hospitals in India are able to either offer affordable healthcare backed by support from the Government of India, or that health insurance is made easy to avail and afford. In the United States, we are already seeing that citizens are unable to afford healthcare owing to extremely high costs and lack of insurance available to them. Insurance itself has become expensive and people are facing major burdens when it comes to getting treatment. In the United Kingdom healthcare is offered free of cost through the Government healthcare system. In India the government hospitals do offer almost free healthcare options but the conditions of the hospitals are worth noting – terrible. Patients going in, are being seen as not coming out. The next decade will show more patients requiring healthcare assistance owing to the growing negative trend of a healthy lifestyle and the food that we eat. It is to be seen, whether or not we will be able to afford healthcare or whether the current conditions of healthcare provided by the public health care system will be any better or not.