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Introducing Brand You Short Links Personalized Services

Stop sharing long links!

“Short Links” are made especially for people who want to share short links rather those long links that no one can remember, write or share easily. We offer customization and personalization. Your shortlinks are really short!

Brand You went two steps ahead and bought a very tiny url domain for this use! It’s just two characters long with a 3 character tld (as most domains tlds) are. This makes it shorter than the Google Shortlink Service and easier to type and way cooler! Also it allows you to personalize the link which you can’t do with Google or other shortlink services.

For anyone and everyone who wants a short link! Make unlimited short links and use them on your social media, websites, promotions, SMS messages and pretty much anything you want!

See a Demo: http://by.wtf/by

Our Special Price: Rs. 2,999 per year!

Get your own company short link and make it easier to post links online!

Eg. my.by.wtf
Make my = Your Preferred name!