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Just for some humor – There was debate in United Nations on “Whether Kashmir should belong to India or Pakistan” ?

The delegate of Pakistan had delivered enough arguments to say that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and blah blah blah…

Now was the turn of Indian delegate ,

He starts with “ Let me tell you a story first and at the end of the story I will leave it to you to conclude ”

“In 1000 AD there was villager belonging to Ladakh district of Kashmir who was taking bath on the banks of Suru river. Before leaving to bath he left his clothes on a rock which was just on the bank. On return , to his surprise he found his clothes missing.He had full doubt that a Pakistani should have stolen , so he shouts “Pakistani chori kar liya mera kapda”…”

At this point the delegate from Pakistan interrupts and bawls that “There was no Pakistan at that time , how can a Pakistani steal his cloths , you are completely wrong”.

Delegate of India : Now comes my point you honor , neither there was Pakistan at that time nor does Kashmir belongs to Pakistan. Pakistan came into existence in 1947 only, & it too was a part of India.

Therefore Kashmir is the sole property of India !

 Again just for some light humor