I have learnt a trader’s secret in winning most of the time. You need to learn to be an investor though. You buy stock that you are ready to hold no matter what and as long as you can and even add more to average out or accumulate wealth. The trader side is more that you are ready to sell whenever you need the money. You sell whatever stock has gained rather than the stocks you are losing with. In case the stock price drops during the day and you realize you could actually get intraday gains (they should be worth it!) then you buy back your stock the same day and you get those gains which could be perhaps used for something nice. If the stock price goes up, and
that means you could have gained more – you should care less and just exit since you needed the money in the first place. The secret is clearly when you need money sell what brings you some profit, so you have not lost anything, and in case you get a same day opportunity of the same stock at a lower price you have the option
to buy back and keep the margin profit as part of your needs. If the stock rises after you sell – who cares. You needed the money after all. No use buying the stock again at higher price! The trader who thinks like an investor generally wins if not always. The trader who thinks like a trader, or investor who thinks like a trader will generally if not always lose money not realizing the potential of the investments.