I remember hearing one this interesting sentence
from a few friends who had recently broken up
with their partners or had issues. The sentence
goes like this ” I hate this relationship. It’s like
work and assignments. Too tiring. too
bothersome and I can’t handle it”

Assignments are useful to students, employees
and people who need task or objectives to fulfill.
However, with an assignment comes great
responsibility. one needs to know what
assignments are important and which are not.
One should know whether he or she really
requires to undertake the assignment or not. At
the same time the provider of the assignment
should also know if the subject (the person who
will do the assignment) is the right candidates for
that assignment or not.

Eg. An English professor gives a business
assignment to an MCA student. The MCA
student might not require such assignments as his
studies do not revolve around the assignment. At
the same time, the assignment given by the
professor is not that of his field so evaluating the
assignment also does not make sense.

Love is not an assignment. It is the real thing.
Love cannot be confused with the lust and
infatuation. A crush or set of emotions will lend
to love. However love will never be a test of
patience or friendship. Some people treat love as
an assignment – they need to do or show their
love to prove to the other party that they are good
at “showing” or “doing” love.

Assignments should be given by the right person
to the right candidates, at the right time, at the
right place for the right reason. If this is taken
into consideration then the value of the
assignment will be considered then the value of the
feel that to love, you need to give feelings and
emotions to the “Right Loved One” at the right
time or place. Indeed, that might seem correct.
The truth of this matter is that it is invalid,
incorrect and absurd. Love can be shown at any
time, regardless of the event.

Eg. You have a fight with your boyfriend or
girlfriend and yet it is about being possessive
which is in one manner a show of love. There is
nothing wrong with it. The fight was not because
of the love of course, but rather how the other
perceived it in the context.

Assignments help the candidate use his skills to
create value for him, his organization and the
people around it. It also helps complete or help
complete objectives. At the same time these
assignments help optimize the current skill set
of the candidate. One should not use love as a
way to improve himself or herself That basically
leads you to the term “Being a Playa or Player”
or less aggressively a flirt.

Whether assignments are useful or not depend on
the candidate, the person giving the work as well
the environment around. Someone who is able to
do the assignment might feel that he already
knows what to do, another might feel less secure
about it. At the same time, doing something
practically has a different feel compared to doing
it with guidance.

Assignments do help, as long as you understand
and accept them into your routine. If one accepts
an assignment as a challenge or something to
build or develop his or her skills it will be

If the person knows and understands that it will
help him or her then there is always a benefit. Of
course he or she must attempt the assignment and
try and try again to complete it. If he or she fails,
they should not given up. Taking help is different
from cheating.

You can always take advice from a friend or
family on how to go about your relationship. You
can ask for suggestions or thoughts based on their
past experiences. However, remember unlike an
assignment which has a single format or layout –
your relationship (love life) has no format and is
dynamic. That is why you can call your love life
a dynamic lifestyle of love or emotions. You
might have a static girl friend (hopefully), but the
dynamics of the relationship are real-life and real

An assignment if you really want to look into one
would be like considering to buy a blow up doll
as your girl friend or a computer game like The
sims and trying out different tactics to improve
your skill set. That of course, if fine to the certain
extent that you know that real-life situations are
much more different and complicated than the
ones you have in computer games or with a make
believe fantasy girl friend.

But remember assignments should never be
influenced or connected with love for people.
You can always connect assignments to “work”
or “testing” but never apply them to human
relations. You don’t want to make a mess out of
the relation as well as make an enemy or create a
disturbing tag to your name or title.

-Written By Shivam Parikh.