If a stock you want to buy falls 5%, it doesn’t mean you should buy it. Neither does it mean you should sell it. Every fall may or may not have a logical reason. So decide whether or not the news surrounding it and the fundamentals of the company make sense to you to buy or to sell. Many a times one may feel they get trapped. A stock may fall as much as 30% since one buy it, and it may fall further or it may be an incredible purchase because it’s at it’s
historic low because of a temporary situation. When a great company is available at a low price and you feel it will do well eventually it’s a buy, whereas if the company has done something illegal or wrong or perhaps even fraudulent , one may even exit temporary till things get sorted or permanently. History shows that good doers eventually always get their days to shine and eventually outperform everyone. The cheaters, or crooks eventually lose money and some of them even go bankrupt. Choose the great ethical companies even if they seem to be performed slowly. When they get their day, you will realize them going uphill faster than anyone else.