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What is Pranaam you ask ?

Pranaam is the essence of Indian culture depicting warmth and care. ‘Pranaam GVK Guest Services’ is designed to provide guests a seamless and stress-free experience while travelling through Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), Mumbai. It mirrors GVK’s vision to provide highest standard of services and to ensure a unique and memorable experience to passengers at airport.

 Pranaam is conceived to further enhance passenger experience at the state of the art terminal T2. Pranaam simplifies your journey right from the time you arrive at the airport, regardless of the airline or class of travel. It offers customized packages and array of services to meet your requirements including professional assistance to corporate clients, warmth and care to family and elderly guests, secured transit to young guests and make your journey a memorable experience.
Their team of proficient Pranaam Officers is dedicated to make your journey through CSIA a delightful experience. Right from the time you arrive at the airport till you set off to your destination, Pranaam officers ensure that your needs are met with care and efficiency. We have put together carefully thought-out service packages to meet your requirements. All you need to do is select the one that suits you best. You can be rest assured that your journey through CSIA will be seamless and truly pleasurable.
The Real Deal or Not ?
 The cost: Rs. 5,500 including taxes.
What is supposed to be included:
  • Warm welcome by Pranaam Officer at aerobridge/bus gate
  • Dedicated Pranaam officer for assistance from the aerobridge/bus boarding at the Domestic Terminal.
  • Porter service for baggage retrieval and loading of baggage (Max 3 pieces per guest).
  • Assistance with airline check in process.
  • Facilitate with the security and immigration process via dedicated VIP/CIP/PranaamLanes.
  • Enjoy access to Pranaam Lounge, wherein you can relax and unwind.
  • Boarding alert by the Lounge Executive/Pranaam Officer at Pranaam Lounge
  • Guidance to the boarding gate.

The Experience

Well I was travelling business class anyways, so I asked them over email if I could skip the lounge and get a discount which they avoided answering by just sticking to their offering. It seemed as if they replies were “Auto replies” and not really answers that would give any value. Surprisingly they even asked me to pay using a link and said the offer would expire if not accepted in 24 hours – which was odd since the offer remained the same as on the website and the prices too. So in terms of communication I rate them a 1/5. The one star was for replying at least!

Pre-sales Communication: 1 out of 5 – FAIL

Next was the real deal. My flight on Jet Airways from Ahmedabad to Mumbai (Premiere Class / Business Class / First Class) was quite eventful with me taking some photographs to send home and to keep for my new travel blog. One of the major reasons for the taking this service was to avoid having to (or so I thought) arriving at Mumbai, taking my luggage out and going back to checkin for my international flight which was over 7 hours away. I thought by using these services I would not have to wait outside till 4 hours before flight to checkin and go through security check. I guessed and hoped that this was a short cut to getting through immigrations hours early and being able to stay in the comfort of my business class lounge – which was obviously a far fetched hope….right ?

Well, so this is kind of what happened – On arriving