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Reliance JIO and Pixel Smart Phone? You are out of luck! Won’t work! Yet JIO sells them assuming they work and promote it and then excuse themselves! Typical, right ?

Google latest flagship Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones doesn’t support Reliance Jio VoLTE calls by default. So, if you wish to use a Reliance Jio SIM card on the Pixel smartphones then you are cut off from standard calls and SMS and left with 4G mobile internet connectivity only.

Also, the fact that Pixel smartphones are single SIM devices makes matters a bit difficult.

For those unaware, Reliance Jio uses VoLTE for calls and SMS. So, if any smartphone doesn’t support VoLTE, then you will not be available to make or receive calls or SMS from the stock dialer or Message app.

To make voice calls and SMS using Reliance Jio on the Pixel smartphones or any other non-VoLTE phones, users will have to download and use the Jio4GVoice app, available for free on Google Play. Also, remember that if you switch off mobile internet to save data, you will not be able to make or receive calls.

Google Pixel smartphones are powered by Snapdragon 821. This SoC supports VoLTE.

“The X12 LTE modem (on Snapdragon 821 SoC) is engineered to allow the Pixel to use the EVS codec—better known as Ultra HD Voice—for phone calls over VoLTE or Wi-Fi on supporting networks, so calls can sound even clearer than regular HD Voice, and stay connected longer in weaker signal conditions,” said Qualcomm in a statement.

Despite having the hardware, the Pixel smartphone do not offer VoLTE option. This means there is scope for Google to release a software fix to provide support in future.

We have reached out to Google on the same and are awaiting their response.

Interestingly, its competitor Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are fully compatible with Reliance Jio out-of-the box.

Posted by Shivam Parikh