I can personally recommend Dr. Ankit Mehta as the best pediatric doctor in Ahmedabad. You might be thinking – really how does one reach such a pedestal. He has helped me and my wife get through sleepless nights peacefully because of his absolutely spot on treatments for my daughter. Whether it be constipation issues or as bad as “blood” looking stool being passed, he has tackled everything my almost three year old daughter has faced including those relentless night fevers or all through the day long lasting cold and cough. Unlike other doctors who don’t answer the phone or even worse who fail to care to call back, he has always found time to touch base and sort our medical treatments out. When he has been in an emergency and can’t take a call he has always tried his best to drop a message or call back the moment he has a chance. He has never been too busy for an emergency phone call no matter how late it has been. We have been showing her to him since over a year now. He is now my daughter’s primary pediatrician. I have also been lucky enough to see how he has helped other patients and parents – and there is no doubt in my mind that he is truly the best children doctor in Ahmedabad. Being a parent himself, he relates to us very well and understands a parent’s anxiety. His treatment has always been correct (we have family members who are doctors too – though not pediatricians) and they always come back with a positive opinion for all his treatments. He had once recommended a line of treatment for my niece who was visiting from the USA and when she got back, her USA based paediatrician recommended the same diagnosis and similar treatment regime. Clearly Dr. Mehta knows what he talks about and truly cares and follows up on his patients. Within a day or two post treatments he calls or messages back just to check up on the little one. Dr. Mehta has truly been one of the best doctors we have met and genuinely a doctor who cares about each and every patient. Thanks for being Rhea’s doctor and letting us sleep peacefully on nights we would typically have been really stressed out! Thank you Dr. Ankit for taking care of not just my daughter but reducing the overall stress and anxiety that her parents (us) get into! So, in my opinion and based on what I have seen from him and his other patient reviews I would probably be bold enough to say that Dr. Ankit Mehta is the best pediatrician in Ahmedabad.

Just in case you wish to contact Dr. Ankit Mehta, you can visit his website at https://www.ankitmehta.org