Just wanna run.
I’m getting scared
Don’t wanna lose you
The fights getting bad
The pain and tears
Hurting me so much.
Feel so bad, So alone
It’s hard to be without you
And I know that it’s not gonna be alright
Just wanna run.

Can’t help but feel
That the time we had
Were untrue.
All the tasks
Were just a lie
Baby feel that me and you
Need to really know
Was what we had really true?
I’m feeling low
I’ve lost it all
I need to go
Just wanna run.
Just wanna run.
Can’t seem to find the lace
They’re all united
I can’t stop thinking about you
I know that what we had
Has ended, breaking me and you
I don’t know what happened
Don’t know why –
I can’t stop the tears – I just cry!
It’s hurting me girl
It’s hurting us – I can’t hear
You saying Goodbye.
So, I need to go
I need to hide
It has to be tonight.

I might never come back,
But I know
If I stay it’ll hurt inside
I know that you care
I can’t watch you site and stare
You need to forget
I know I can’t
But the pain to you – I can’t let
It burden you.
I wish it wasn’t true
This side, the end
Our love fallen outside the bend.
Just wanna run.
Just wanna run.

-Written By Shivam Parikh.