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See the title and what you get below it ! Good up that no one caught since a week ! Still there! Not only did the website order the wrong item but they delivered me a cookie for 190 Rs and no shake!
This is incredible stupidity!They said it’s a cookie you ordered for Rs. 190!Are you kidding me?! I had to explain the delivery boy that no cookie costs 190 Rupees and when he realized or pretended to understand me I told him to get me the right item…he went off..No waiting for the right item. Hope I get it! Anyone knows whose the manager for the Wide Angle branch? Second time in 2 days this has happened! Only today I visited the website to check my eye sight and then I realized that the website itself has a mistake causing the problem..though the cookie is a complete oversight! They replaced it with another WRONG Product! Incredibly bogus ! I dont get this! How come the system is so poor ? They refuse to have their managers even call to understand and apologize and fix the problem. No accountability! McDelivery Mobile Site McDonald’s, Ahmedabad. McDonalds IndiaMcDonald’s Wide Angle

Posted by Shivam Parikh