Shivam Parikh and the SEO Story – A remarkable 24 hour old surprise in Ahmedabad!

In just less than 24 hours, me and my SEO team in Ahmedabad did something remarkable. Me and my team decided to change our keywords. We decided work on SEO for my own personal site. 24 hours later my website and page begins to beat others on SEO optimization. Shivam Parikh and team – now lead on searches  such as Shivam Parikh Ahmedabad, Shivam Parikh Blogger, and Shivam Parikh IIM.

Alright, for the third one – I may be one of the few to have completed 6 MDP’s at IIM Ahmedabad , which fairly gives me the right to get indexed on the top. For others, who do blog and have the name Shivam Parikh, I do apologize for getting a bit higher in the index. But you may notice my blogs are a bit more fun to read (not pointing at anyone), and do offer some material. Perhaps the chances of another Shivam Parikh on the internet in Ahmedabad is  fairly lower. Perhaps that’s the reason I do come up quicker than others.

I have always found SEO companies in our city Ahmedabad a bit funny.  They charge a lot of money using Black hat SEO and doing nothing great as Google smartly removes such sites and punishes them fairly quickly. I guess the advantage in SEO is using unique and new content and taking advantage of our beautiful english language – with real and original content, rather than copied content from the internet.

I do admit, being able to teach my team how to update and improve SEO within 24-48 hours is something very few companies are able to do.  That’s why Shivam Parikh, is unique and different from others – we do things in a way that others do not. The funny thing in this entire SEO story is that we keep it simple. I use the  KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid. That eventually means anyone and anybody can actually do it in Ahmedabad.  You just need to think simple and not complicated and complex. The chances that over a few days, this post might even find its way to the top pages may prove that. If my post doesn’t reach there , we can always blame it on the cat.  I generally like being hard to find on the internet. For this post, I need to prove an SEO point. I do hope you find me quickly!

So that’s about it for today’s THINKING OUT LOUD. I’m your host (and blogger) Shivam Parikh signing out !

-Written by Shivam Parikh