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Life goes through variable changes. You have
your ups and your downs. And at times you move
it all around. Life has its uniqueness. However
every life has a connection with love. One might
talk about differences in love and life. However
there is a bond that is created between life and
love. Just imagine living for a reason. That
reason is generally a love aimed distinctively at
someone or something.

When people talk about no reason for love or life,
they still eventually come to the connectivity in a
negative effect. In layman’s term term hate is negative
love. At the end of the day it’s still about love. If
you say you like someone it means you have a
‘different kind of love’ You may also consider it
to be a special lind of love.

The reason love is so special and yet so different
is the way we see things around us. Our
perception is what makes us unique. In the
process we also find ourselves in a flux of
different kinds of emotions and feelings that lead
us to love.

Two friends who have been there at good times
and the bad times, and ‘love each other’ – are
called lovers. Yet, they know what they have is
not just limited friendship and yet not a love.
They are neither brother nor sister. There is no
clear way to define the bond that they share. This
is what makes a ‘special Kind of Love’. There
love is not perfect. It Is not one that has no

There might be plenty of fights or mistakes.
There might be a lot of confusion, yet they know
destiny has brought them closer for a reason. The
reason might be something that the All – Mighty
understands, yet we fail to do so. A ‘special kind
of love’ cannot be defined or distinctively told
apart by reasons or explanations. In fact, there
should be no reason to try to derive a meaning or
set of meanings of it.

The love that is shared is not physical. The love
that is shared is not just mental or emotional. It is
a great thing that needs no explanation. However
it is important that such love is not dropped
because of what people may say or not say, it
should not be broken because it seems to be
nurtured into something bigger and mightier.

One day, this love might become what everyone
envies and very few have.
One day, this universe will bow down to the
power of “a Special kind of love”

-Written By Shivam Parikh.