Who doesn’t like a good surprise? But what happens when it means the person getting it – has to go through a rough time with a lot of shouting. That’s what happened today at work. We had Kirtika (EDI Trainee) ¬†celebrating her birthday on Saturday and I was asked to give her a good “work scare” while the rest of the team started preparing the cake celebrations in the backround. Well first of all to give a work scare – you need to have a reason. So I got some of her work logs and called her in for her smashing. My new manager¬†started the scare by sending her to my cabin with a warning “What have you done!” and she entered with a tense look. I tried to pick errors in something she had done, but she was able to get her way through it because the work was done fairly well. So, was I going to chicken out of the request by the team? No, I found another document and started finding faults in it. Then I realized I couldn’t keep up my straight or angry face (I wanted to laugh out loud – LOL right?) so I had to get up and storm out of my cabin – which definitely did frighten her (the effect which I was asked to bring). Scared and ready to cry she got out of my cabin , walking straight where everyone was waiting for her – as they all shout out ¬†“SURPRISE” – a birthday cake lying waiting for her. WOW…A surprise she may never forget and one of the first few time I almost didn’t make it a surprise !

-Written by Shivam Parikh