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Technology companies are cheating us with repetition. First we had Curved CRT monitors, then we were told that flat screen was the future and now we are back with Curved Screens..which begs to ask what’s next after that ? And we are spending out right without understanding whether we get any advantages from all of this ?

“Curved objects are a relief and pleasure trigger in our brains” at the Samsung centers is not a valid response as there is absolutely no backing to this statement!

Perhaps the next model will be a 180 degree TV that covers your front, left and right.

Then you will get a tv that covers you 360 degree (we call that IMAX most of the time).

Or perhaps we will continue to buy whatever “crap” we are given in the name of the latest technology without realizing there is hardly any content to watch on it (4K – I’m talking about you!).

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The biggest issue is the precise viewing angle they require. To get the ideal image, you need to be directly in front of the curved TV. If you’re a bit off to the side, that curved display just won’t look quite right. (Homer Simpson goes: Duh!)