Shivam Parikh responds to someone’s opinion with his own.

What in the world did do to you ? It’s a God send in terms of opening the market. Their presence allows us to buy things at a lower price to what we had earlier. I think targeting amazon or USA is going too far for now 🙂 Anyways my opinion. Further, Dominos in India is run by Jubilant Foodworks which is an Indian listed company not an American one (though they have stake). I wont say much for MCD but they have opened up options in food for youngsters. I dont see their relevance with Pakistan. Pakistani’s are not bad either. Perhaps some politiciians are, but people living there = they are known as Muslims are not bad. This sounds very very racist. Surprising coming from someone like you !   Aamir Khan has the freedom of speech just like me and you. Aamir Khan’s words were taken wrongly and people went against his words wrongly. Media perhaps hyped it, perhaps people who have nothing better to do on social media nowadays took it even further. I think we need to pay homage for sure, but banning companies and taking revenge is the last thing our country and culture is all about. IF we go the way you suggest what makes us different from the “bad” you talk about ? If Times now reporters or people on the interview panel say – if you want to work with India, leave someone else…. is a threat…If USA and China do leave India and so do other countries, rest assure it will be the worst thing for Indi and the Global economy. I am certain India is still not strong enough to do without others. The Nuclear deal …well forget about it forever. Remember, right now we need the USA more than ever to make that deal go through. So before making comments or strong opinions be very careful to note the “wave” that could come back and hit us hard. There are too many reprecussions that could lead to a major disaster but doing what you think we should be doing. Economics teaches us that things have a reverse effect also .  So right now, the best is that we continue on our way as it is, try to improve ties and pay homage, but don’t do anything that could knock us to the ground. Right now if we think we are David, and they are Goliath: We have not found the heel yet! 🙂


An opinion from a friend:


Friends, Terrorist State of Pakistan can be brought to its knees only by International pressure from China & USA. As an empathy & solidarity to the 17 widows & mothers & the orphaned children of our brave soldiers martyred today, we Indians, have to act to ensure we stop using Chinese & US of A products.
When Aamir Khan jaundiced with his political views spoke about the bogey of intolerance, the millenniums went online & took Snapdeal ( AK was the brand ambassador ) to task & Snapdeal in a day took off mention of AK from its website & twitter page & followed it up by not renewing it’s contract with AK.
Let’s go after the Chinese cheap products, USA products & websites, McDonalds & Dominos & let’s hit China & USA where it hurts.
Please understand China & USA don’t want to see India as a strong Economic Super power. They are happy with Pakistan weakening India, trust me, the powers in China & USA don’t give a damn if India bleeds.
Unless & Until we Indians unite against terror & hurt the economic interests of countries like China & USA who are bordering on recession nothing is going to happen, our citizens & soldiers will be fodder for these Jihadis. Let’s hit them where it hurts & see how they ensure Terrorist State of Pakistan goes in a long slumber.
India for Indians. Bye Bye Amazon ( Let’s uninstall Amazon app). No more McDonalds, Levis etc. No more Chinese products too. [ China is pumping in billions of dollars for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) ].China is the only real country that is funding Pakistan in a big way. India for Indians. Period.
Humble request again, let’s unite to pay homage to our martyred soldiers & ensure that no more our army sisters are widowed & their childrens orphaned.
Do spread this message. Today we woke to the news of the burning alive & massacre of our soldiers. Let business leaders & politicians of China & USA wake up tomorrow to the news that India & Indians mean business too. Our soldiers lives matter. Period.
Please see the entire video of 2+ minutes.…/if-you-want-business-with-in…/49447
Jai Hind.