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A regular Mutual Fund Strategy is to move the markets during the first week of the month such that it is moving upwards (not downwards) trying to get investors to invest once their salaries are out in the first week of the month. Then the market moves accordingly. This looks similar though China is stressing real upward movements, which is good since it allows investors to actually invest at low points. The only risk here is that after the week is over, the market falls as Mutual Funds try to stay afloat to show “the unknowing investor” they are safe, and later on run the roller coaster without seat belts. My advice is to invest into companies that you trust and don’t mind rolling around with knowing that eventually they will perform well or give great results. Never invest into
SIPs/Mutual Funds without knowledge or understanding of their own tactics. That being said, they are safer but less rewarding than Equity / Stocks only if you can select the right companies (or as well call them the ethical ones) – will reward you forever!