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The Right Ingredients

It needs some spice,

Some sugar at least

The worries must go

The sadness leave.

The salt a bit,

A smile or two

Cuz what I’m baking

Is meant for me and you.

I don’t know

Why things go so wrong

I can’t imagine.

Something’s I say

Make you upset

But the truth remains

Too Sour.

Add some tears,

Add some blood,

The sweat and the mind

Mix it with mine.

There is so much

That we can do

To make this an ever lasting

Me and you.

Chocolaty you

And Vanilla me

Makes the best piece

The world will ever see

You’re my strawberry

And I,m your cream…

Oh baby,

It’s like the King and the Queen.

The whole world is working,

Making their pies,

They say I’m telling you lies,

But, trust me I.m caring

My life I’m sharing –

I just can’t stop staring

At me and you.

You are rosemary,

I’m the monster

All big and hairy

Wanna wrap around you

Wanna take you off the ground

Wanna make you my sandwich

Know you taste so good.

I don’t know what they told you

But I’m in love with you

I will do anything –

Give you the syrup and sauce

Remember me…

And think about

Me and you.

That’s the right


-Written By Shivam Parikh.