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United Airlines Boarding : Formula for Boarding Group as of 2015. If this has changed I dont know. Group 5 has the highest chances of hand baggage checks at the gate too. Group 1 & 2 are Frequent Flyers, First & Business Class, Family with young children, Army people, etc. — Not sure if they still follow this procedure but read somewhere. Parth Parikh Aditi Patel ParikhRoosha Parikh Patel Apurva Patel

Accordingly, United divides passengers into five boarding groups. The first two are for business- and first-class passengers and elite frequent fliers. The last three are, in order, window seats, middle seats, and aisles.

Pre-boarding is available to these customers, in the following order
Customers with disabilities
Uniformed members of the U.S. military
Families traveling with children age two and younge
United Global Services® members

Group 1
Premier 1K®
Premier Platinum®
Premium cabins: United Global FirstSM, United BusinessFirst®, United First® and United Business®

Group 2
Premier Gold®
Star Alliance Gold®
Premier Silver®
Star Alliance Silver®
Customers who have purchased Premier Access

Groups 3 – 5
Economy Plus®
United Economy

Group 5 may not be applicable to United Express® flights.