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My Review today is about CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad, that has successfully been treating patients to a fairly high percentage on a positive note. That being said, no doctor or hospital can have a 100% success and sometimes no matter how much you try or wish for, some patients don’t make it. This is part and parcel of life and until we have a solution for the “Water of Life”, this will remain a fact that we need to accept. Sometimes medical bills are high – not because the hospital wishes it to be, but the patient’s relatives want their loved ones to survive and keep saying yes to every treatment even knowing that they can’t afford to pay the bills – because they can’t think rationally at this time. This is kind of expected, but blaming it on hospitals – any hospital for that matter is absurd. Look, death leads to grief, and anger and want for revenge, but one must also accept that it was never done intentionally. Using the state of the art technologies that certain political heroes used but also could not survive from is not the hospital’s fault but the fact that the disease or illness had spread beyond saving. Sometimes, doctors and hospitals are at the dilemma. They know that the patient wont afford the bills later, but they feel obligated to try their best to save lives. If the doctor or hospital suddenly says – sorry there’s nothing we can do and asks you to take the patient – the uproar is even bigger! Why is the hospital sending a patient away – again an issue of negligence , though the doctor was being brutal but honest. The doctor knows there is a few percentage change (very few) that a new technology may or may not work, but is it worth trying or risking. Its a very costly technology, but remember humans want to live, and their relationship (family) are not ready to let go, especially when you have young ones around who would lose their parents (the patient). So at that time, what do you do? What’s the grey line here ? What should a hospital or doctor do in such a case?

With so many options today, there are hospitals and doctors who are good and great. I am absolutely thankful to doctors like Bhagyesh Shah who has been my doctor for all my every year sickness, or medical issues. He believes in an always stay safe approach and recommends getting tests done to rule out any surprises. A couple of times those additional tests have helped me catch hold of surprises and then the medicines prescribed take care of the rest. This is pretty common in all the doctors I have met. They spend a lot of time and you never feel they are out for money. Sure they have their changes, but that’s worth paying. No doctor is “GOD” as they are humans. But they use their years of knowledge to help patients. No doctor gets a kick out of an unhealthy patient(well at least not those I have met anyways!). There are other doctors I have met for my ear ache or my bad throat infections or my rhinitis(yes I have that since decades) and they all treat carefully. Surely they also give you options based on your affordability and that is a fact in life. If you want to – use it else don’t. I have read reviews on this website and others about how doctors bill you senselessly but I dont agree. I think its patients who are upset when their treatments fail to their psychological expectations. I have found no fault with CIMS or it’s doctors(that I have met) and would like to thank them for their constant focus on care. If I needed a cheap solution I could go to Govt hospitals – that is my option, but I feel in safer and better hands at CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad!