Dr. Dhiren Shah is the best cardiac surgeons in India and is a director at CIMS Hospital in Gujarat. He is also the first heart transplant surgeon in Gujarat to have completed successfully one in Gujarat. During a routine google search to assist answering your question I found him to have the highest patient led google reviews in the city as well as the state for CAGB, which leads me to believe he might as well be regarded “the best cardiac surgeon in Ahmedabad for CABG” (your wordings, not exactly mine). PS – He also has a website, which has lot of good patient education. I spent a few extra minutes to search and was quite happy to see no copy-paste of content from third party websites, ideally showing that he has invested some time into it’s development as a genuine source of information. That being said the only way one can rate a cardiac surgeon for being the best is when you actually experience him a treating doctor – for which I can not. However in retrospect, I have had a few friend’s who have had their grand parents treated by him with excellent results. I hope this helps you in your journey to find “the best cardiac surgeon at Ahmedabad for CABG”, but I would perhaps be looking out more for patient testimonials (google review search or similar to that) for a truly fair reply.