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Shivam Parikh

Founder of
Khichdi Network & Khichdi Biz 

I am Shivam Parikh, an entrepreneur in Ahmedabad Gujarat in India.

Shivam Parikh was born on 29th February 1984 in Los Angeles, California. Shivam Parikh grew up in Fremont, California and attended Christian Community School there till the 3rd grade. He then shifted to Ahmedabad a city in the western part of India, a state called Gujarat in 1994 and attended St. Xaviers Loyola Hall. He persued his BBA – a bachelors in business administration from Som Lalit Institute of Business Administration and then a post graduate diploma in business management (equivalent to an MBA) from Som Lalit Institute of Management Studies. 

Shivam Parikh pursued a career in information technology with management and has achieved starting up his own company. Over the years he has received many management certifications as well as awards in fields of leadership, as well as in sports such as cricket.

Shivam Parikh enjoys playing cricket, reading, writing, playing dozens of indoor and outdoor games and sports as well as swimming and gyming. He was also associated to BNI during 2018-2019, as well as a member of Lions Club of Karnavati under Lions International, a former Lions Business Network member as well as currently the charter president and founder of Rotary Club of Ahmedabad Infinity, and a member of Rotary Means Business Ahmedabad (RMB Ahmedabad) 

Shivam Parikh currently resides in Ahmedabad and lives alone.

His Approach

Shivam Parikh has the ability to inspire, motivate, and guide others towards a common goal or vision. He is often seen to possess qualities such as vision, charisma, empathy, and effective communication skills.

He is able to bring out the best in his team and create a positive impact on their organization or community as a whole by inspiring others to take leadership roles as well in activities.

He inspires trust, build strong relationships, and often has to make difficult decisions when necessary and follows them through regardless of how it may impact his image for the greater good and high morale ground.

Charter President
Rotary Club of Ahmedabad Infinity

Being a charter president of a Rotary Club is an important and challenging role that comes with a great deal of responsibility. 

Director Parikh Business Ventures LLP

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+91 7069123456
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Shivam Parikh

Chairman, SKRPH Limited
Director, Parikh Business Ventures LLP
Charter President, Rotary Club of Ahmedabad Infinity