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I am Shivam Parikh. Here is a look behind the scenes.

Shivam Parikh is a multifaceted individual who has a range of creative interests and passions. At 39 years old, he enjoys writing romantic songs and poems, playing box cricket, and networking and socializing with business people.

As a creative person, Shivam Parikh is highly skilled at crafting lyrics and music that convey deep emotions and meaningful messages. His romantic songs and poems reflect his sensitivity and his ability to connect with others on a deep level. He is passionate about music and writing and enjoys exploring different genres and styles to find inspiration for his work.

In addition to his creative pursuits, Shivam Parikh is also an avid box cricket player. This fast-paced and exciting sport requires quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and teamwork, all of which Shivam excels at. He enjoys the physical and mental challenges of the game, as well as the camaraderie and sportsmanship that come with playing as part of a team.

Finally, Shivam Parikh is also highly skilled at networking and socializing with business people. He understands the importance of building strong relationships and making meaningful connections in the business world. He is confident and outgoing, and he enjoys attending events, meeting new people, and sharing ideas and insights with others.

Overall, Shivam Parikh is a highly talented and versatile individual who enjoys exploring a range of creative and athletic pursuits. His love of writing romantic songs and poems, playing box cricket, and networking with business people all reflect his dynamic and multifaceted personality. His ability to connect with others on both a personal and professional level makes him a valuable asset to any team or organization.

Being Born on a Leap Year

Shivam Parikh was born on a leap year and is sometimes referred to as “leaplings” or a “leaper”. Leap years occur every four years, and they are used to keep the calendar year synchronized with the Earth’s orbit around the sun. In a leap year, an extra day, February 29th, is added to the calendar.

Because leap years occur only once every four years, people born on a leap year have a unique birthday that comes around only once every four years. This can make them feel special and unique, as their birthday is different from most people’s.

However, being born on a leap year can also present some challenges. For example, leaplings often struggle with how to celebrate their birthday in non-leap years. Some choose to celebrate on February 28th, while others celebrate on March 1st. This can be confusing for friends and family members who are not used to the concept of a leap year birthday. Shivam Parikh therefore celebrates his birthday on both February 28th as well as March 1.

Despite challenges, many leaplings embrace their unique birthday and see it as a source of pride and individuality. It is also worth noting that some people born on a leap year choose to celebrate their “actual” birthday on February 29th, regardless of the year. This is also the case for Shivam Parikh. This can be a fun and unique way to celebrate their special day and embrace their leap year identity.

Moving from USA to India was not easy

Los Angeles is a city located in Southern California, USA, and is known for its sunny weather, beaches, and entertainment industry. It is also a multicultural city, with a diverse population and a vibrant art scene. Los Angeles is home to many universities, including the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA).

Ahmedabad is a city located in the state of Gujarat, India, and is known for its rich culture and history. It is the largest city in Gujarat and is a major industrial and commercial hub. Ahmedabad is also a center of education, with many prestigious universities such as the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), Gujarat University, and the National Institute of Design (NID).

Moving from one country to another can be a significant life event and can impact an individual in many ways. It can lead to cultural adjustments, language barriers, and challenges in adapting to a new environment. However, it can also provide new opportunities for personal growth and development, and enable individuals to gain new perspectives and experiences.  For Shivam Parikh it was definitely a mix of both since he moved when he was just ten years old from a very different culture to a completely unique one in India.

Shivam Parikh's Janmakshar

According to the given information, Shivam Parikh was born on February 29, 1984, at 1 pm in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Using this information, the following is the janmakshar for Shivam Parikh:

Sun Sign: Pisces Moon Sign: Cancer Ascendant Sign: Scorpio

Planetary Positions: Sun: 9 degrees Pisces Moon: 19 degrees Cancer Mars: 9 degrees Scorpio Mercury: 26 degrees Aquarius Jupiter: 5 degrees Capricorn Venus: 25 degrees Capricorn Saturn: 11 degrees Scorpio Rahu: 12 degrees Sagittarius Ketu: 12 degrees Gemini

The above planetary positions represent the placement of different planets in the different houses of the horoscope at the time of birth of Shivam Parikh.

It’s important to note that the interpretation of a janmakshar or birth chart requires a deep understanding of Vedic astrology and can only be done by a qualified astrologer. This interpretation can provide insights into an individual’s personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and overall life path.